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Welcome to my new blog. I hope this blog can provide some help and understanding to people who suffer from injuries, disabilities and losses following car and work accidents. With this blog, I also want to help the many family members, doctors, therapists, lawyers and friends who provide vital help and support for the millions of people who live every day in pain.

Below is a more official sounding version of my background and experience. Please feel free to copy and paste at your heart’s content.

Dr. Michael R. MacDonald is a psychologist (now retired) who has devoted his career to helping people with severe and disabling forms of chronic pain and fibromyalgia. Ninety per cent  of his patients, over the past 30 years, have suffered from physical injuries and pain following car or work accidents. He is well known for his caring approach, his deep understanding of how accidents and chronic pain affect peoples’ lives, and for his work as an expert witness in court.

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This blog has been built from two sources.

One is The Chronic Pain Letter, my earlier blog, which was focused more on chronic pain.

The second source of inspiration is a conversation, that has stuck with me over the years. It went like this.

At a fund raiser, many years ago, a lawyer turned to me and said:

“People can be seriously hurt in car accidents. But, you’re a psychologist. What can you do? What do you do?”

He caught me off guard, but I liked his blunt approach.  He got right to the point. I had to think quickly and try to say something short, but pithy.  I said,  “pain and loss” that is what I do. That is the essence of what most of my patients struggle with after car and work accidents.

He looked puzzled for a moment. I guess I caught him off guard as well. Then he smiled.

 “OK, that makes sense”, he said. Then he kept smiling and walked away. Apparently, that was all the explanation he needed.


A book for my patients  – with stories, facts and inspiration

Unbelievable Pain Control: How to Recover and Heal from Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia by Dr. Michael R. MacDonald

“…an excellent, readable and highly intelligent account of chronic pain and fibromyalgia.”      – Dr. Ronald Melzack

Please find more Details at:

including Table of Contents, plus a wealth of Free helpful information about pain.


Please feel free to download, copy and distribute these free articles. They explain a bit about how accidents, long-term pain and losses can affect peoples’ lives.

Treating Chronic Pain with Compassion, Empathy and Kindness,

by Dr. Michael R. MacDonald


Chronic Pain in Context: Some observations from 25 years in the field,

by Dr. Michael R MacDonald



Some of these writings can be a little heavy. So, I thought a big smile from young Michael may lighten the tone.

This photo brings up fond memories of my Uncle Irving. Always with a big laugh, he used to call me Michael the Upright. I am smiling as I think of him.


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Please spread the word and remember ,   Caring is Good Medicine –  Bill Moyers

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