In my last post, I explained how stress and loss can aggravate injuries that cause long-term or chronic pain.

Losses can easily build and escalate when a person can no longer work. For example, having reduced income for 6 months is much worse than having reduced income for one month.

Just imagine, life with little income for years on end, like many accident victims. For some people, these losses can be magnified when disability benefits are cut off.

This creates a difficult bind for insurance companies, when they cut off benefits. These actions can create higher levels of stress and loss, and contribute to a greater level of pain and disability for the injured person.

When a person experiences more stress and loss, their pain and injuries worsen. The injured person is now at greater risk of developing depression.  More intense pain, combined with depression and anxiety, makes an injured person even less capable of returning to work.

Now they are in a position to file a more expensive claim with their insurance company and a more prolonged legal battle to recover their greater losses.

Hence, a different kind of pain for the insurers.

In my next post, I have taken an article from from my blog The Chronic Pain Letter , which will explain all of this in more detail. Please don’t miss it.


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