Sometimes a quote can really hit you.

This happened the other day. My wife and I were listening to one of our favourite podcasts, Terry O’Reilly’s Under the Influence (on CBC), when we heard O’Reilly use a quote as part of a story he was telling.

According to O’Reilly, John Cleese, a well-known comedian, said,

It is not the despair: I can cope with despair. It is the hope – that is what’s killing me.

Wow, this quote really hit me. It has many deep layers and applies to parts of life many of us do not want to think about. Here, are some examples.

For some people, after injuries from accidents, it isn’t always where you end up, but how far you have fallen. Maybe you have just gotten married, bought your first house or finally got a good job. Then, suddenly, a serious accident happens, your injuries can’t be fixed and you start losing it all.

For others, it is the roller coaster of hope and despair. A new doctor may have a way to help cure your persistent injuries. Maybe, then you can return to work and get your life under some kind of control. It is hard not to let your hopes build – even though you may have been in this situation before.

Many people with long-term pain and widespread losses will know the depth’s of John Cleese’s  quote.

*   *   *

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