Such tragedies, the loss of these two very bright stars.

Kate Spade, a highly successful fashion designer, created a string of dazzling retail stores. Anthony Bourdain, was a chef, accomplished writer and very successful television star and creator.

Their deaths by suicide is hard to understand. They seemed to have everything going for them. Yet, wealth and fame are no guarantee that depression will not overtake you. Depression can be that powerful.

Suicide is a very real danger for people who suffer from serious pain and loss, following car or work accidents. This is especially true when pain and loss trigger severe levels of depression.

The risk for suicide is high for several reasons.

  1. Depression is quite common for people who suffer from long-term or chronic physical pain. When injury and pain lead to long-term losses, a person’s depression is heightened.

2. Depression is much harder to treat in the presence of chronic pain and persistent losses and stresses. Even strong dosages of anti-depressant medications do not work as well.

3. With chronic pain and loss, come many additional risk factors for suicide. These can include:

reduced support from family, friends and employers

use of narcotic pain medications

use of addictive medications for sleep and anxiety

loss of work, income and financial security.

Added stresses can be caused by conflicts with insurance companies, litigation,  and workers’ compensation. These stresses can lead to escalating losses, higher levels of pain, prolonged sleep disturbance and ultimately higher levels of depression and risk for suicide.

Suicidal risk is a very serious matter for accident victims. All of us in the health and rehabilitation field should become more aware. This is also true for insurance doctors who routinely dismiss or discount the suffering of people who suffer from chronic pain.

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