In society today, complaints are more powerful than ever. Complaints can lead to things being done. And when this happens, it can lead to you feeling less powerless in this unfair world.

Look at the #MeToo movement.

Speaking up, finding your unique voice and standing your ground are all ways that accident victims can also gain in strength.

A very strong person, I know, was feeling defeated because an insurance adjuster had denied additional treatment funding for her. There was no doubt about the seriousness of her injuries, and her needs for treatment, so the denial didn’t make any sense.

She called the adjuster to ask for an explanation. The adjuster didn’t want to give her an explanation, was rude to her and hung up. Now, she was feeling even more defeated.

I suggested she call the claims manager and explain how she was treated. The claims manager was glad she called and wanted to hear the whole story.  He apologized on behalf of her insurance company. Then said that he will deal with the adjuster that was rude and unprofessional.

Believe it or not, the claims manager was so thankful he reversed the denial of treatment funding and approved the whole treatment plan. True story.

I was very proud of her. It took a lot for her to make that call. She was very hurt and angry, but kept herself calm, firm and professional. I believe this added to her credibility.

Her quiet determined voice won the day. And, I think she learned something very important about her self and her capabilities.

*   *   *

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