To learn about the real-life struggles of people who live every day in pain, check out the related facebook group and twitter feeds.

Here, you can find valuable information from the people who really know what they are talking about.

Lawyers, insurance adjusters, employers and even family members can learn a lot. The stories and agonies of people with long-term pain can also help health care providers learn things that they can’t find in textbooks or scientific studies.

I have spent 30+ years, hour after hour, listening and learning about the pain and losses that have followed from physical injuries and illnesses. I am still learning.

Social media sites can also inspire and model a kick-ass kind of attitude that can get you going when you are at your lowest. For some, the community of people with similar lives can offer a lifeline of support.

I also like the art and inspiration posters that these groups display on their social media sites. The image above is one of them.

Here is another example from Deborah Murtagh (Facebook group, Fibromyalgia Health):

Here are some useful Facebook groups to investigate.

Fibromyalgia Fighters,

Living with fibromyalgia,

Chronic back, sciatica, neck, and  joint pain support group and discussion forum.

(Facebook would not allow me to copy and paste the links for you. But you can search the facebook site for many groups related to chronic and long-term pain.)

We are never too old or even too sore to learn and grow.

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