Some doctors, lawyers, insurance adjusters, employers and even family members still believe that once your lawsuit is over, you will be all better.  Your pains will magically disappear and you can return to work and a normal life. No pain, no limitations, no more losses.

Wouldn’t this be nice?

Unfortunately, life doesn’t work out this way and never has.

Scientists have studied this issue in numerous research studies over the years.  The findings have been quite clear.  Chronic pain does not end when your case has settled. This applies to car accident lawsuits, work injury and disability claims.

Your life may be less stressful because the insurance companies and lawyers are out of your life.  What a blessing this is when it finally happens.

With less stress, your pain may lessen. But, it will still continue with the ups and downs of your everyday life in pain.

Stress reduction is an important part of rehabilitation and almost all treatments for chronic or long-term pain.  For this reason, it is very helpful to have your dealings with insurance companies end as soon as possible.

But settlements and court victories, however useful in paying your debts, cannot cure chronic pain.

A verdict is no cure.

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