My wife used to make fun of me. She said I was “A man on a mission”.

I wasn’t offended – I kind of agreed with her. I was driven to create a psychology business and help as many people as I could. I am sure I wasn’t the easiest person to live with.

I was sent down memory lane, recently, when I came across a TED talk by John Wood, the very driven founder of a global children’s literacy charity called Room To Read.

His talk featured some amazing facts about his organization, but mostly it was about GSD. He opened with some stories about how not to get things done, why this happens way more than it should and then discussed his recipe for Getting It Done.

Here is link to his talk.

What the world needs now … is GSD, by John Wood  at TEDxUNC

I found this talk very inspiring. In fact, John’s own story of quitting Microsoft to start this charity shows that he lives and breathes this gospel – he walks the walk. And he is devoting his incredible energy to making our world a little better.


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