It is quite common for people who have been injured in car accidents to become depressed. If your injuries involve long-term or chronic pain, trauma and loss, depression becomes ever more likely.

This makes perfect sense. If one were struggling with pain every day, loss of work and escalating financial losses, it would be almost impossible to not become depressed.

And then, when depression is added to multiple injuries, pain, trauma and loss, the impact can be overwhelming.

Here is a new way to help get out from under this heavy weight.

A woman from China came up with a novel way to help her husband with his depression. She shows us how she did it in the video below.

You may notice that her husband does not seem to be very limited physically. She describd a severe car accident that he was in, but maybe his injuries were more related to emotional trauma and depression, than to physical injuries and pain.

Either way, sit back and enjoy this fun video, posted on facebook. It may even inspire you to put on your dancing shoes. What a fun way to feel a little better. I loved it.


Chinese people's 'rural-style shuffle dance' goes viral

Not all stages need flashing lights; this countryside couple found online fame in China thanks to their 'rural-style shuffle dance' ­čĽ║

Posted by South China Morning Post on Wednesday, June 17, 2020


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