Have you been pushed or kicked off the ledge?

This how it has felt for many people that suffer from chronic pain – real physical long-term pain – after they have been cut off their benefits.

It is one thing to be pushed or kicked by your insurance company or even lawyers who work for insurers. Losses are losses no matter what their cause. But, no one expects this from doctors, even doctors hired by insurers or their lawyers.

Doctors are supposed to help, not hurt. And when they blame people for their pain symptoms or dismiss or discount a person’s suffering, this hurts. And it can destroy people’s lives.

When they do this on behalf of insurers or lawyers, the consequences can be very serious. People can be cut off their benefits, lose their homes and not be able to provide for their families. And when this happens, stress, anxiety and depression can set in or worsen. This is not hard to understand. People are frightened of further losses and they feel betrayed at a time when they are the most vulnerable.

They have already lost so much with their injuries. They are already on the ledge.

To make matters worse, now they are much less able to cope with the pain they experience. Their energy and tolerances drop dramatically. Depression, fear and poor sleep will do this to anyone.

On top of all of this loss, their pain levels will increase. It is well known that high levels of stress can make most physical medical problems worse. And with more loss and more pain, people can become more limited and more disabled.

How can this be helpful for anyone?

How can this be ethical for doctors to participate in this harm?

How can shareholders support insurers that make people more disabled and cost them more money? This doesn’t seem to me to be a reasonable approach toward higher stock prices.

Pain AND loss can be very disabling – and Soul Crushing.

*   *   *

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